We Rate the Best Cold Coffees in Lahore

Rung Hee Rung – The Art Café

Rating: 4/10

The place is really not a café, it’s an art gallery and did not function as a café. And the only two things they had on their menu were fries and coffee so that one can appreciate art over a snack. The cold coffee felt like it was made in our homes in our childhood which did give us a taste of nostalgia but it was definitely too milky with no richness and a little heavy on the stomach. It felt like we were drinking flavoured milk with chocolate syrup drizzled on top. The price was alright but the vibe of the cafe was impeccable. It was so beautifully hidden amongst all the greens that it was even hard for us to find it.

Verdict: It felt like we were drinking flavoured milk with chocolate syrup drizzled on top but the vibe of the cafe was impeccable

Go Flour

Rating: 6/10

The cutest bakery in town also has an amazing range of coffees available. The cold coffee was sweet also reminded us of our childhood since it was on the milkier side but it didn’t lose the essence of a coffee. The serving was pretty nice and the views of the bakery made it even better. There were no undertones as such but it was creamy and indulgent.

Verdict: On the milkier side, but it didn’t lose the essence of a coffee


Rating: 6/10

The newly opened modern coffee house in the midst of the busy and historic Mall Road architecture was something we were really looking forward to and it didn’t fail to serve. The place was cute and the coffee was pretty nice. It was a blend of perfectly roasted aromatic beans and ice that made it so much better on a warm sunny day. But the flavour hits the right spot and makes it refreshing. It did have a nice kick to it and the coffee was strong but it felt a little runny and the milk-ratio felt a little off but it was still overall a win-win situation. The price was pretty reasonable and the vibe of the cafe was pretty calm and chill which is something you should definitely be looking forward to.

Verdict: Perfectly roasted aromatic beans but the coffee did feel a little runny. The vibe of the café, situated in the middle of the historic Mall Road, is something you should look forward to

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

Rating: 7/10

Before starting on the quest to find the perfect cold cofffee, I had a bias towards the very popular The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. And even though it still continues to be a staple in my day-to-day life, I was caught by surprise that, after trying all these coffees, I went back to realise that I was having a hard time adjusting to its sweetness and artificial flavor.

Verdict: It’s addictive but the sweetness and artificial flavour are hard to adjust to after trying all the great cold coffees out there

Kyle’s Coffee Co.

Rating: 7/10

I had the Kyle’s iced latte delivered to the office and I was utterly overjoyed by its taste. It had an earthy, perfectly bittersweet taste and the right amount of roasted flavour made it stand out from the lot. However what did put me off was the water content of coffee – it was and felt like it’s too runny and the consistency was too liquidy which sadly put it down our list but it could just be the fact that the ice melted in the heat during the delivery! It’ll definitely be a different experience if you have it at their super cute café on Ferozepur Road.

Verdict: The earthy, bittersweet coffee notes make this iced latte a standout but having it delivered in the heat was a mistake – enjoy it at their super cute café instead to get the full experience

Artisan Coffee Roaster

Rating: 8/10

One of the most recommended cold coffees has to be Artisan’s Spanish latte (over ice) and it did quite live up to the hype. It was rich and strong, the aroma was nice, it had some nice, woody undertones and was an experience in itself. The milk ratio was pretty fine. It was low-key a little sweet but the sweetness complemented the strong coffee flavour. You definitely warm up to the flavour after a few sips but it’s good to go then. The cafe itself was cute and the price was also pretty alright. It’d be safe to say it can be your everyday grab and go drink.

Verdict: One of the most recommended cold coffees has to be Artisan’s Spanish latte (over ice) and it did quite live up to the hype


Rating: 8/10

When Eggspectation opened its doors it was the most sought after places in Lahore and we knew we had to give it a try. They were famously known for their breakfast and their coffee was something that we still remember to this day and would definitely go back for. It was a little pricey but was all so worth it. And the ambiance and surrounding just made it a lot better.

Verdict: Their cold coffee with their famous breakfast is a memorable experience, worth going back for.

and the winner is…


Rating: 9/10

After a hot day out this was something I definitely didn’t know I needed. I like how there is a good balance of sweetness and bitterness in the coffee and the proportions of milk to coffee and ice just hit right. Loved the vintage glass bottle.

Verdict: Just perfection. It’s famous for a reason!

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