5 TV Series to Watch if You’re a Fashion Lover

It’s really hard to keep our calm with all the corona fear around us. I mean it was something else when we heard about it on the news but since it has hit home this virus is taking a mental toll on the best of us. The only way to fight this pandemic out is to stay safely indoors. No more lunches, brunches, weddings and get togethers. Instead of going out in fancy clothes, we’re chilling at home in our lounge wear. But that doesn’t mean your fashion fix is completely on hold. Just switch on your TV or laptop and we’ll tell you what to watch to vicariously live your best fashionable self through the Blair Waldorfs of reel life.

Technology is a beautiful thing and we realise it’s blessing tenfold in the current state we’re in. Libas Now brings you five best series to watch to free the fashionista in you. Go through our list and let the binge-watching begin.

The Bold Type

A television series based on the life and career of the former Editor in Chief of Cosmopolitan Magazine, Joanna Coles, this show is for the girls of the world who’re all for good fashion and the feminist wave. The series centres around three young women working for a fashion magazine in NYC, navigating career, love and a new-age millennial way of mindful living; wearing killer outfits along the ride.


Psst, have you ever lied about something to get your dream job? It’s okay I won’t tell your boss. Younger is the story of a 40-year-old woman who lies about her age in order to get a job in publishing. The main lead Liza Miller, played by Sutton Foster, changes everything about herself to pose as a 26-year-old to revive her career after a bad divorce to support her college going daughter. Liza’s new look is all about millennial NY style. Hilary Duff plays a primary role in the show as Liza’s colleague turned best friend. The Lizzy McGuire revival may not revive any time soon so why not get your dose of Duff-dressed-to-the-nines through Younger?

Gossip Girl

If fashion could be experienced in one show alone, it would be Gossip Girl. Blair Waldorf and Serena van der Woodsen, the two main leads on the show, became icons of style back in the 2010s when the CW show became an instant hit with young adults. The plot revolves around New York elite and their Upper East Side antics and of course, enviable designer gear we all wished we owned.

The Carrie Diaries

Sex and the City is perhaps the holy grail of fashion centred TV shows, so it would have been a bit too obvious to mention it in this list. If you’ve binge watched the hell out of SATC, a refreshing option for you is its prequel show, The Carrie Diaries. Though the show only lasted a couple of seasons, it definitely is worth a watch. The series is set in the ‘80s around the life of a teenage Carrie Bradshaw. It showcases Carrie’s humble beginnings as a fashion icon, playing with a lot of fun ‘80s fashion looks. Anna Sophia Robb plays a young Carrie and brings a unique charm and innocence to the iconic character.


Based on Sophia Amoruso’s best-selling book, this series is centred around the rise of Sophia’s multi-million-dollar fashion company, Nasty Gal. Although the show got cancelled after one season, there’s no reason you can’t binge watch it – think of it as a really long movie. The show is a hilarious and relatable take on millennials trying to make a living as adults. Britt Robertson plays the main lead Sophia who buys vintage clothing and resells it online with the right kind of lights, camera and online marketing. Her online shop starts getting major traction and begins to signal a smashing career.

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