Here Comes The Bride! The Most Breathtaking Bridal Looks Of 2019

2019’s wedding season is over but it left a lasting effect on us with beautiful, breathtaking bridals that got a solid nod from the fashion critic in us. Now we know that the South Asian bride is expected to be loaded with jewellery, makeup and multiple layers of embellished fabric in order to live up to the standards of our desi aunties… and that’s exactly why this exhausting tradition must be put to rest. 
The modern bride is doing just that by shying away from an overstated wedding wardrobe to more minimalistic, traditional-with-a-twist, contemporary bridal looks.
The five brides that we have picked for this piece are on our list for all the right reasons. These stunning brides are the ideal personification of the modern desi bride, teaching a lesson or two on how to keep a balance between jewellery, heavy embellishments, contrasting colours in fabric and makeup looks.

Anam Mansuri


Mira Sethi

Pernia Qureshi

Zainab Abbas

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