In Talks with Pakistan’s First Internationally Trained Bra Fitters

Cherie is a female led small business being run by two sisters – Aabiya and Wajeeha. Both Aabiya and Wajeeha are professionally trained bra fitters with a real passion for making a difference in every girl’s life that they fit. For the first time in Pakistan, they have brought world class bra fitting services with products that they hand pick for their customers. Their aim is to not only provide lingerie but to educate about various breast shapes, bra styles, lingerie care and fit issues to women of all shapes and sizes. They promise that when you walk out of their door, you will feel more comfortable, confident and like a powerhouse.

“Cherie Lingerie takes inspiration from our personal philosophy of empowering women, to be confident and to look and feel amazing. Not for anyone but just for themselves. The essence of our brand is for every woman to feel comfortable in her own skin. We focus on the perfect fit for your unique body.”

Team Libas Now visited Cherie’s pop up store in Lahore to talk to Wajeeha and try out their process. Trust us when we say this, we walked out of their store as happy, satisfied clients who will definitely be returning for more!

KaynatWalk us through your process. 

Wajeeha: Book an appointment, whether in person or videocall. A deposit is made for RS. 1000 for in person and RS. 500 for a video fitting. This is reimbursed on any purchase that is made following the appointment. You will have to be wearing your best fitting bra for the appointment. To make an assessment we have to see your bra fitting with your bra on but shirt off. An assessment of the bra size is made based on breast shape, your physique and your individual concerns. We help you try a few sizes until we are comfortable with the best fit, which we also call the ‘true size’. We then help you try different bra styles to establish what style best fits your body and what you find the most comfortable. We also educate you on alternate sizing so you can size up and down appropriately based on size availability. You are then free to purchase if and what you like. 

KaynatWhat is your price range? 

Wajeeha: We have different price range for different products.

RS. 550 – 1100 for undies

RS. 1800 – 3950 for bras

RS. 3600 – 3900 for bra sets

RS. 2500 – 4500 for nightwear

K: What different styles do you have? 

W: We aim to stock a variety of cuts like 3/4, half cups, plunge and full coverage. We have a range of padded and non-padded in lace, cotton, solid colors, printed, satin, silk etc. We have range of knickers as well in different styles like seamless, bikini, boyshort, and thongs in either full cotton or cotton linings. 

K: What sets you apart from other lingerie brands in Pakistan

W: We are the first internationally trained bra fitters in Pakistan using modern techniques of fitting rather than tape measure. Our ethos revolves around treating every woman as an individual and catering to their personal needs rather than just fitting them in a size. Being a woman, having lived in Pakistan, we are uniquely placed to drive our offering with empathy and understanding of women’s struggles in Pakistan. Our motto, is the underlying principle of our business, to help women live healthier and confident lives. We are the best door to knock for women with smaller frames and bigger busts.

K: Do you have any tips for your clients when selecting lingerie for themselves?

W: If you are going to buy lingerie without getting fitted then read our guides and watch our videos. Make sure you keep your body shape and wardrobe in mind and ensure you have enough bras to rotate them for longevity.

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