On Your Playlist: What Farhad Humayun is listening to right now

Being one of the many rockstars Pakistan has produced, Drummer, Singer, Producer Farhad Humayun is a veteran in the music industry. For the “What’s On Your Playlist” segment, Libas Now was curious to find out what the singer has been listening to these days and what are the top tracks on his playlist and why each track made it to his list. From Bryan Adams to Post Malone, the musician tells us about his playlist.

Thought I’d Died And Gone To Heaven by Bryan Adams

“It is one of my favourite songs of all time. I remember how I felt when I first heard the song back in the 80s with flying dolphins coming out of the savannah in the music video. Being his first single from the album Waking Up the Neighbours. I love the sound of it, from Bryan’s raw and emotional vocals to the big and punchy bass guitar and drums, everything is amazing. But at the same time, with all the power, energy and the sound, it’s still a ballad.”

Mercy Street by Peter Gabriel and The New Blood Orchestra

“Peter Gabriel is one of my all-time favourite artists; he is my guru and a fantastic composer. This live version of Mercy Street with Peter’s brilliant vocals and the New Blood Orchestra is amazing. The arrangement is quite empty and the way his voice shines in that emptiness is what I love about this track.”

Stay by David Bowie (BBC Live)

“Everybody knows that I adore David Bowie. My musician friends and colleagues in the West have worked with David Bowie as well. I have a spiritual connection with both David Bowie and Peter Gabriel. This version of Stay boasts the most fantastic rock band that an artist can have. With that being said, David being the showman looks cooler than ever and everything is just amazing. It is a tight performance; every music band and fashion designers should look at the video.”

Circles by Post Malone

“Rarely, I indulge in new music, the RnB music these days is not really my thing though. This song by Post Malone makes me happy and makes me want to dance. My niece in Dubai introduced me to this song and I think it’s really well produced. It is my go-to song if I want to up my mood a bit.”

Loverboy by Billy Ocean

This song is a classic. It’s got a great baseline and when the going gets tough, Billy Ocean is my favourite go-to RnB artists. His songs have a great rhythm and bass guitar. The music video is very similar to a Star Wars party sequence where Jabba The Hutt throws a party. I pay a lot of attention to how artists visualise their music because the visual element can really accentuate the audio. So, this one, in particular is really cool – from the vocals to the music is amazing.”

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