Quarantainment Part 2: Movies To Watch During Self-Isolation

In this edition of Quarantainment, we bring to you a list of movies from all genres that you can watch as you continue to maintain social distance. All the more reason for you to stay at home, have some fun and stay safe.

- Harry Potter Franchise

We know there are a lot of Potterheads out there, so this one is for all of you. Even those who aren’t true Potterheads, how can you not binge-watch all the Harry Potter movies? 

- Into The Wild

Miss being outdoors? Well, take a trip to the Alaskan wilderness with Christopher McCandless as he hitchhikes his way through and takes you on an adventure simultaneously.

- Amélie

A lighthearted fantasy about a young girl in Paris who helps those around her and along the way discovers love.

- Duck Soup

Known to be the greatest and funniest masterpiece by The Marx Brothers’, this classic comedy is short and something that’ll take your mind off the ongoing pandemic. It’s a brilliant satire about dictatorial leaders, fascism and authoritarian government. Go on and have a good laugh.

- Marvel Movies

Had it been up to us, we would list all the Marvel movies individually for you, but if you are an MCU fan, you know what you should be doing. 

- Borat

This mockumentary is the best thing ever made. If you know it, you know it. If you don’t, watch the movie to find out.

- Grease

Known for its energetic music with catchy songs, the musical rom-com was the thing back in the day. An ode to young love that never gets old.

- Bridesmaids

This female-centric movie is smart, sassy, and seriously funny. It’s something you can watch anytime.

- The Devil Wears Prada

This movie is not just great for its fashion, but also gives you a slight insight into the industry. Also, Meryl Streep and Anne Hathaway are the highlights of the movie. The remarkably subtle performances by the two will keep you hooked.

- Step Brothers

One of those feel-good movies that you want to watch just for a good laugh. Get your popcorns and be ready for some cheerfully relentless immaturity; thanks to Will Ferrell and John C Reilly.

- Free Willy

Who remembers the cute Killer Whale being the sweetest friend to Jesse? It’s time to reminisce your childhood. Guess what, the movie is out on Netflix as well.

- The Big Lebowski

It is a Coen Brothers’ masterpiece. The crime-comedy movie is one that will make you laugh and entertain all the generations to come. Its an experience on its own. According to a review, “In a perfect world, all movies would be made by the Coen brothers.”

- Big Hero 6

A family movie for all age groups. It’s funny, emotional, action-packed and so much more. With that being said, you’ll fall in love with Baymax, if you haven’t watched the movie already. Go watch it again, if that’s the case.

- Portrait Of A Lady On Fire

This French historical drama not only tells the story of a forbidden love affair but takes you on a journey on an isolated island in France. 

- The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy

On the quest to destroy the One Ring, follow Frodo through his journey and experience the outside world, because right now, that’s the closest thing you’ll get for an adventure.

- Murder Mystery

The Netflix original starring Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler is a light watch as the lead actors find themselves in the middle of a mystery murder on a yacht, it will remind you of Cluedo (the board game, if you haven’t played it, you must).

- ET

Not only is this a classic, but it’s also a Steven Spielberg masterpiece which takes you on exploration as Elliot helps his new friend find his way back home.

- Purple Rain

If you are a Prince fan, you know what you should be watching. Prince makes his acting debut as ‘The Kid’. From the melodramatic premise to the iconic tracks, this film is a must-watch.

- Dr Strangelove

A Cold War satire that proves relevant even today. Comedy so strong, it will leave you in fits.

- Groundhog Day

A movie that if often included in the greatest comedy movie of all times stars Bill Murray who is caught in a time-loop, living the same day over and over again. A good laugh is all we need right now.

- Spy Kids Series

Most of us grew up watching the Spy Kids movie, not only is it family-friendly, it’s adventurous, all about sibling love and will remind you of the good old’ days.

- The Sound of Music

Take a trip to the beautiful mountains in Austria with this classic musical drama.

- Daughters of the Dust

From beautiful beaches to the forests, follow the story of three generations of Gullah women in the Peazant family on Saint Helena Island (South Carolina) as they prepare to migrate to the North on the mainland.

- Back To The Future Trilogy

If you are feeling nostalgic and in the mood for a fun adventure, its time to get your snacks and start the movie marathon with the original movie.

- Monster In Law

Jane Fonda and Jennifer Lopez take the spotlight with their on-screen chemistry in this classic battle between a mother and soon-to-be-daughter-in-law.

- To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before 1 & 2

A little something for those who love teen romance. We all remember our first crush and everything that followed including butterflies in the stomach to some unwanted drama, this movie has it all.

- Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery

The first instalment of the series in 1997 is a light and goofy comedy which will leave you laughing.

- Dumb and Dumber Film Series

No one can ever forget the no-brainer cult-comedy series starring Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels. The chaotic, rib-splitting series will leave you gasping for breath. Trust me, this is exactly the kind of movie you should be watching right now.

- Ace Ventura

This movie wouldn’t have been the same without Jim Carrey and his twitchy antics and gross-out humour.

- The Ugly Truth

A usual rom-com that you watch when you are in the mood for something light. The reason why this movie made it to our list is because of the snappy dialogues and the on-screen chemistry between the lead actors. 

- Clueless

The adaptation of Jane Austen’s Emma is a satirical, fresh and clever take on the IT crowd in schools. I bet some of us can relate to it at some point, so give it a watch, if you still haven’t.

- Zoolander

A film that never goes out of fashion as it brought us everyone’s favourite not so-smart-model in Ben Stiller’s Derek Zoolander, a right-turning, Blue Steel-giving poser who is on to bigger things than just modelling.

- Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back

If you are a Star Wars fan, you already know why you should be watching this. Take a trip across the galaxy with Luke Skywalker.

- Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

This movie is for all the school kids, as they celebrate the world of idling, skiving, goofing off and whatnot with Ferris. The story follows Ferris who fakes an illness so he can get a day off from school to hang out, it’s all about appreciating life as it comes. P.S. Kids don’t try faking an illness after all this is over.

- Arrival

A must-see experience for all the sci-fi genre fans out there. That’s all we have to say.

- Lawrence of Arabia

Travel through the Arabian Desert with T. E. Lawrence as we follow his journey through the Ottoman Empire’s provinces of Hejaz and Greater Syria during WW1.

- Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy

Will Ferrell’s performance as a clueless newsman is the highlight of this movie. It is a tongue-in-cheek take on the 70s culture, particularly the new Action News format. It follows a San Diego TV station where Ferrell’s character clashes with his new female counterpart.

- The Tree of Life

Some food for thought? Looking for the meaning of life? This movie records imagery of the roots of the ‘known universe’ and the inception of life on Earth from the childhood memories of a middle-aged man of his family living in 1950s Texas.

- The Gold Rush

This silent movie is known to be Charlie Chaplin’s masterwork from the 1920s.

- Marriage Story

A beautifully bittersweet movie that will make you cry, laugh and everything in between. A story depicting the raw and real portrayal of love, divorce and family.

- Set It Up

Watch how these two assistants try to set up their workaholic bosses with a twist, like every other rom-com, of course.

- Sleepless in Seattle

Some old-school romance doesn’t hurt anyone. A cute love story with some real chemistry between the two leads is impossible to resist.

- Boyhood

A groundbreaking story about growing up through the eyes of a child named Mason with divorced parents. It’s wise, funny, tender, full of warmth and a reflection of how life looks and feels like every day.

- Paddington

It’s all about love, warmth and finding a family where you least expect it.

- What’s Eating Gilbert Grape

A 90s drama about a dysfunctional family. What’s even better is that cast; Johnny Depp and Leonardo DiCaprio; what more does one want to know the film is a must-watch.

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