Quarantine Times: What Movies Team Libas Now Is Watching

In this edition, we asked team Libas Now to share with our readers movie or movies they’ve watched or are going to watch in this time of self-isolation. Here is what they shared;

Semul A Dodhy 
Asst Fashion and Beauty Editor

Weirdly, with all the free time in the world I haven’t watched any movie in particular except for Om Shanti Om, a few days back because I literally could not select any other movie on Netflix.

Tehmina Khan 
Art and Lifestyle Editor

I’m looking forward to seeing the new version of Emma (based on the matchmaking comedy novel by Jane Austen)! And then I think I’ll go back and re-watch the 1996 version with Gwyneth Paltrow just for nostalgia’s sake.

Saneela Jawad 
Asst Entertainment Editor

I just watched What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, and what a beautiful movie! Probably, all of us could relate to Gilbert Grape at some point or the other because all of us have so much going on in life. With that being said, Johnny Depp was a treat to watch and loved the performances by both Depp and Leonardo DiCaprio. Please watch it if you haven’t already.

Syed Talha Saifi 
Art Director

I just finished watching Jojo Rabbit and loved it. A well-made movie with a touch of humour with a critique on WWII. I enjoyed the scenes when Jojo writes a letter for the Jew girl on behalf of her boyfriend, pretty interesting.

Mahnoor Azad
Contributing Editor/ Visualiser

I recently watched Disney’s Togo and it was a rollercoaster; I laughed, I cried, bit my nails in matter of just 2 hours. Based on the 1925 serum run and a lead sled dog named Togo, the film sheds light on the actual events that took place. Without giving away much I’d say it’s a beautiful movie and is highly recommended. 

Momina Sibtain
Entertainment Editor

I’ve watched my all-time favourite holiday movie The Holiday: because all anyone wants right now is a holiday; so if can’t go on a holiday, let’s live vicariously through Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet!

Nur Zehra Qadri
Fashion and Beauty Editor

Nothing beats a bad mood like a trip down memory lane; to better times when a global pandemic was just a thing of movies I wouldn’t watch. I recently downloaded all feel good teen movies I was obsessed with to kill time during quarantine – 10 Things I Hate About You, Clueless, She’s All That, A Cinderella Story, She’s the Man, A Walk to Remember, Cruel Intentions, Save The Last Dance – the list is endless and I’ll go through every title I can remember until I somehow get bored of the 90s & Early 00s era.

Mahnum Kabir
Fashion and Beauty Editor

I’ve never watched Top Gun, and my husband often said if he’d ever leave me it would be because of that – so finally we watched it, and I get why it’s a classic. Also I’m glad I don’t have that sword hanging over my head anymore.

Meerub Jamil
Asst Fashion and Beauty Editor

With the ongoing situation, a lot of deadly-contagious-virus movies are surrounding one’s mind. The Cassandra Crossing (1976), yes, a 44-year old action thriller revolves around a similar situation that the entire world is facing these days. Recommended by none other than my dad, this movie did turn out to be a good watch considering the 4-decade old making, it did not feel like it. And I’m sure you’d be delighted to see the ever beautiful and sensational Sophia Loren as much as I was.

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