Wedding Movies to Watch This Season

Weddings are in the air just like coronavirus, although the former is an annual thing. Our Instagram feeds/stories are swarmed with wedding pictures and videos. Someone should be held accountable for toying with the feelings of all the single people out there. But we’ve got a way to entertain you through the long cold nights of having a FOMO. All you need is a cup of coffee or tea, get all cozied up and take yourself on a romantic rollercoaster of wedding movies that will give all the right kinds of butterflies.

Maid of Honor

Michelle Monaghan as Hannah takes friend-zoning to the next level as she asks her best friend Tom, played by Patrick Dempsey to be the maid of honor at her wedding. The events of the traditional Scottish wedding led to both of them realising they are more than just best friends. 

Watch the trailer here.


Kristen Wiig plays the hilarious jealous best friend when her BFF is about to get married and finds some new friends while planning the wedding. Would you go as far as ruining your best friend’s wedding because of a little FOMO? 

Watch the trailer here.

Mamma Mia

As Meryl Streep prepares for her daughter, Amanda Seyfried’s wedding, she is forced to reunite with not one but three old beaus, to find out who is the father of the bride. But nothing can stop you from singing along to ABBA’s classic tunes.

Watch the trailer here.

The Father of the Bride

Most fathers are reluctant to accept that their baby is now an adult woman, especially when she’s getting married. But Steve Martin as the father takes this bittersweet story and turns it into old school comedy. 

Watch the trailer here.

27 Dresses

Katherine Heigl is every desi girl in this movie as she attends wedding after wedding in the many bridesmaid’s dresses she is made to wear, all while looking her best, but not knowing when she’ll finally have a wedding of her own? She might have a clear idea of how she wants her wedding to be, even might wear her mother’s dress, but is there even a groom? 

Watch the trailer here.

Crazy Rich Asians

One of the few Hollywood movies that look into Asian culture without stereotyping them as nerdy noodle-eating techies. The movie takes a look into the rich Asian families in Singapore and their extravagant wedding traditions while revolving around a very American love story on the outside but deeply Asian on the inside. 

Watch the trailer here.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding

A simple movie about a Greek girl hoping her family would accept a foreigner as her partner, who is unlike them in more than one way. The dramedy demonstrates the comedic chaos that surrounds the festivities of a wedding and the dynamics of a big conventional family. 

Watch the trailer here.

Bride Wars

Two best friends always dreamt of having their weddings at the same venue since they were little girls. But of course, they never wished for it to happen on the same day. Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson fight for the spotlight on their special day as the bride wars commence.

Watch the trailer here.

Hum Apke Hain Kaun

Are you even a 90s kid if you haven’t danced to “Didi Tera Devar Deewana”? If you haven’t then you definitely should watch to see what the classic Bollywood wedding looked like back in the day. Along with that watch, Salman Khan and Madhuri Dixit give you unrealistic expectations of love. 

Watch the trailer here.

Yeh Jawani Hai Dewani

The songs, the costume, the dialogues, and the acting, everything from this movie is on point. It is also the reason why “Kabira” became every bride’s entrance song at a wedding.

Watch the trailer here.


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