What Kashmir’s lead vocalist, Bilal Ali is listening to right now

Winner of Pepsi Battle of the bands, Kashmir’s lead vocalist Bilal Ali talks to Libas Now about his current playlist. From the epic alternative rock band Radiohead to his go to road trip track by Pink Floyd, the musician tells us how each track inspires him in his career and everyday life.

Kashmirs latest single “Parwana Hun” is out now.

Reckoner by Radiohead

“The song I’ve been listening to the most – it usually falls back into my playlist all the time; is Reckoner by Radiohead. I connect with this song a lot. It’s been performed brilliantly, especially the live version from the basement. I love Thom Yorke’s way of thinking and his vocal technique. I think in recent years they definitely have become an inspiration for my music as well. “

Satellite by Above and Beyond

“Above and Beyond were pioneers of deep house music but now they have started doing concerts with live instruments. I recently heard one of their podcasts and I really enjoyed the song Satellite as well as Sun and Moon.”

Breathe by Pink Floyd

“We’ve been travelling a lot recently for our music. I don’t know why but for some reason whenever we’re on road trips, Pink Floyd is always there. Zair plays it or someone else from the band will play it but we’re always listening to the entire album. For me their track Breathe sticks out the most, I really like the song and I think the lyrics are pretty ironic as well.”

Hum Tum by Vital Signs

“When we first won Pepsi Battle of the Bands I was listening to Vital Signs a lot and I was encouraging the band as well to listen to them, they didn’t get into that much back then but now after two years, they’ve all started listening to that album. We get to listen to it a lot because someone or the other will always play it.”

Oats in the Water by Ben Howard

“Ben Howard’s got some great songs, the last one I heard by him was Oats in the water. Back in the day, I used to be up at night browsing music on SoundCloud, song after song, that’s how I came across his music. I even covered his song Fear back then and uploaded it onto my SoundCloud but I’ve deleted that recently.”

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