12 Ways You Can Celebrate Eid While Maintaining Social Distance

Eid is approaching but unlike traditional Eid celebrations that involve meeting and greeting family, dropping by houses for endless dinners and lunches, this year looks a little different. In the wake of a pandemic, this year for many of us it means no new outfits, no early mornings at the masjid; but even as our lives come to a standstill, the spirit of Eid still remains very much the same – just a tad bit quieter. We’ve compiled some pandemic-proof ways of celebrating this joyous occasion while adhering to all necessary guidelines.

1. Eid Décor

Social gatherings might be cancelled, but Eid certainly isn’t and there’s no better way to celebrate than from inside your homes. Bring out the fairy lights, get your kids to join in on banner making activities, set up your favourite tableware in honour of the occasion. If nothing else, might we suggest ordering in some fresh flowers to brighten up your home.

2. Ditch The Sweats

While many of us have thoroughly enjoyed doting the official quarantine wardrobe every single day, wearing new clothes – or anything that doesn’t classify as loungewear really; is an Eid tradition and no pandemic should get in the way of it. Revamp an outfit that brings you joy even if it is just for Zoom-Mubaraks or order one online from the many local options. 

Practically everyone’s been cooking or baking in quarantine, Eid is a good time to put these skills to use! Get your relatives on board and set up a Zoom feast so you can enjoy the biryanis and kheers together. You can even pick out an Eid Zoom background to make your virtual feast more festive.

4. Creative Photoshoot

An Eid picture is like a rite of passage, if you didn’t take it, did you even celebrate Eid? But no seriously, Eid photographs are always a fun experience and in a historical moment like this it makes more sense to capture it on some level. Put your creativity to work and get photographing or filming!

5. Sawaiyyan And Chill

Netflix really has been a saviour throughout these troubling times and with the Netflix Party plug-in you and your loved ones can plan a movie night while social distancing! Grab your bowl of Sawaiyyan and pick a family favourite or check out our website for some good suggestions!

6. Masjid Drive Through

If your towns regulations allow it, meeting at masjids as per customary tradition is a possibility as long as you remain within the safety of your cars. Greeting relatives can be done from a distance; in your neighbourhood masjids parking lot as long as neighbours remain undisturbed.

7. Eid Package Drop-Offs

If there’s one thing you can do to brighten someone’s day this Eid, it’s by surprising them with a cute gift hamper. With stores and retailers struggling with sales due to Covid-19, this is a good way to support local businesses while simultaneously making someone else’s day.

8. Game Tournament

From PUBG, Call of Duty, Ludo Star, Carrom Pool to UNO!, the list of games you can play with your friends and family across the globe are endless. Organise a tournament with your loved ones, who are spending Eid alone this year to keep their spirits up while staying in the comfort of your own homes.

9. Virtual Henna Party

With the usual over crowded henna festivities on hold, how about putting your own artistic skills to use and attempting to paint henna with your friends or family while hanging out virtually? Grab your cones and get going. Don’t worry about messing up – remember the henna will fade but the memories will stay.

10. Send A Greeting Card

An old-school way of wishing Eid Mubarak to all your friends and family, Eid cards make for a beautiful and permanent keepsake. Make your own or download some online. Generation has some beautiful “good enough to frame” Eid cards available on their website as well!

11. Donations

Put your Eidi to good use or whatever money you would have otherwise spent on yourself, towards a charity of your choice. Let’s not forget the essence of this occasion and do our part in making these challenging times slightly better for people who are struggling.

12. Social Distancing

By far, the single most important activity we would recommend this Eid is social distancing. This one might be a no-brainer but it’s the easiest, most impactful act you can do to protect the people you care about and the community as a whole.

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