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There are two types of people in this world, those who love Valentine’s Day, and those who just don’t get it. It’s okay to have your own opinion about it just as long as your partner agrees to it.

So now that 14th February is right around the corner, people who belong to the first lot must be fussing over what to get for their significant other which not only makes them feel loved but also special. So, for all those love-stricken individuals, LibasNow presents its gift guide, where we not only list down ideas for gifts but also break them down into budget friendly sections. Now all you have to do is pick a budget, and find something that fits your story!

PKR 2,000

Flowers and Chocolates– Now we know that these are pretty basic but who doesn’t love red roses and chocolates! It’s a classic Valentine’s Day gift and classics never go out of style. The Bloom Box Co. has some really cute stuff with flowers and chocolates going on for this Valentine’s Day.

Jafferjees– Always thought as an expensive brand, Jafferjees offers an amazing collection of wallets along with matching keychains all under PKR 2000! We say that’s a pretty great gift for him.

Mini Love Poem books – If your significant other is a book worm I think he/she will love you for this. These little poem books will swoon you off your feet and can be easily bought from liberty books all under PKR 2000.

Colish Candles – Scented candles are the best gift ever! period. Who would not want to be gifted a pair of mini scented candles by Colish, we know we would (hint hint). This gift pack of two candles by Colish is only for PKR 1,800! We personally think it’s the best gift out there.

Personalized Gifts by Love Labels- What can get cuter than a personalized gift? This Valentine’s day gift your partner something straight from the heart with Love Labels offering any 5 cards or notebook for PKR 600 only and trendy accessories up to PKR 1000.

Lals Cupcakes- These Cupcakes are so cute that I bet you would just want to look at them instead of eating them! And if Mrs. Lal Majid has made them I can guarantee these cupcakes are as delicious as they look. 

PKR 5,000

Baked Goodies–This one is for all those who have a foodie as a partner. Cute packaging and heavenly desserts is like a valentine’s day gift made in heaven. This special Valentine edition package is only for PKR 3000 by the Pieneers! And a yummy donut cake by Easy by Fatso for PKR 3,500

Bling Bling from Tesoro– Diamonds maybe forever but after gifting your partner one of these jewellery pieces from Tesoro, her love for you will definitely live forever! Gifting jewellery can never go wrong and these pieces are easy on your pocket as well guys.

Maria B. & J. Perfumes- If you know what type of scents your partner likes, Perfumes are one of the best gifts for Valentine’s Day, hands down and we have some amazing local options for his and her at Maria B. and J.

René Aesthetic Spa & Arammish– one thing a girl loves for sure is getting pampered. No matter what her age is, she’s going to love these amazing deals from René Aesthetics Spa and Arammish, and what’s better than getting some extra love by being the one gifting her these deals!

Chocolates and Flowers- Again chocolates and flowers are a classic and they never go out of style as a Valentine’s day gift and these House of Flower bouquets are worth all your money.

Summer Tunics- Surely your girl will love receiving a cute chic kurta from brands like ZAHA, Sana Safinaz or Sapphire. These brands are offering amazing kurtas that easily come under the price bracket of PKR 5,000.

Marble Candles by Meem- These soy wax candles which are not only environment friendly but also helps in stimulating aroma therapy, are such a lovely gift for your partner and the marble holders Meem candles are giving will definitely add on to the value to your gift.

PKR 10,000

Misha Lakhani Kurtas- As said earlier what can be a better gift than clothes for a girl! These Misha Lakhani kurtas will definitely sweep her off her feet in no time and make her Valentines a remarkable one!

Perfumes- Scents are a very thoughtful and safe option for a gif for him. These perfumes smell so divine that he’s going to thank you with every sniff he takes.

Jewelry by Allure- One should definitely pamper their partner this Valentine’s day with gorgeous pearl jewelry by Allure! We can’t promise much but can definitely bet on the fact that she is going to LOVE them.

Bags by Julke- Whether it’s a staple gift like a leather belt of a trendy back pack for your guy who loves to travel light, Julke has you covered as these Valentines gift are not only thoughtful but also very very practical.

Shoes by Miaasa- Now is your chance to full fill your girls Cinderella fantasy by giving her a shoe that’s the perfect fit! Receiving these beautiful rhinestone shoes will definitely make you look like her real-life prince charming!

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