Celeb-Solation: What Your Favourite Celebrities Are Doing During Quarantine

Ever since we’ve been hit by the COVID-19 crisis, people around the world are in a lockdown situation; while staying at home can be horrific for some people, for others it’s not. With that being said, everyone around the world is trying to adjust and make most of this situation by doing things they never had time to do, binge-watch TV shows and all the things to keep them busy. Libas Now, got in touch with celebrities to know what they are doing to pass their time in lockdown.

Adeel Chaudhry


My pandemic survival plan is to catch up on my sleep.

Ahmed Ali Akbar


I’m living a life that’s no different from my regular day. I usually stay at home; making my meals, cleaning up after me, playing video games, guitar and my piano. I read or watch to learn.

Ali Abbas

TV Actor

I have found new ways of expressing my sorrow and joy in times of lockdown; sketching and writing.

Ali Rehman Khan 


I’ve been going on daily walks and reading a lot of books during this time.

Amar Khan 

TV Actress/Writer

I am back to my Yoga sessions and trying to meditate as well. 

Anoushay Abbasi

TV Actress

I have just shifted to a new place, so setting that up. Taking care of my mother and waiting for my brother to return home (he is stuck in Thailand!!)

Ayesha Omar 


I’ve been watching a lot of news and TV. Other than that, it’s just domestic chores since I’m all alone. I’m also trying to connect with my fans through Instagram live sessions.


Rock Band

All of the band members have been at home, working on their own routines and improving on their instrument skills. Additionally, the band is learning music production via online courses and their equipment’s at home as going to the studio and recording is not an option, currently. Their recent video of their song Tifl from their “Live Quarantine Sessions” has been the first milestone in producing and mixing tracks. 

Bilal Abbas Khan 


I’ve been playing a lot more video games than I usually do. Other than that, it’s just sleeping, taking safety precautions, staying at home and praying.

Bilal Ali 

Musician/Vocalist from Kashmir The Band

I’ve been brushing up on my guitar skills, writing some new songs and completing some old ones; I’ve also been cooking a lot. More so, I’m recording a few covers; the plan is to make

Daniyal Raheel 

TV Actor/Director/Producer

I’ve been busy taking care of the copious plants that I have at home and learning how to paint via YouTube tutorials. I got all my art supplies before the lockdown, so I am putting them to good use. 

Emmad Irfani


I am working on the things that I want to improve on; which includes adapting the reading habit, which I’m working on. More so, despite the challenges of not having any gyms/parks open, I try to go for a daily run on the roadside. In this time of adversity, I have decided to keep working on myself and whenever it’s over, I am going to come out as a more refined and improved version of myself; and with more skills than before.

Faysal Quraishi


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I have been engaged in all the household chores from cleaning to watering the plants and sometimes cooking as well.

Hareem Farooq


I finally get to spend time at home with my mum and also connect with my fans via daily live chats on my Instagram!

Junaid Khan 


I have been catching up on some family time with my boys, which I usually miss during crazy shoot schedules. 


EDM Artists

We’ve been trying to see this as an opportunity for self-growth, reflect, heal, process emotions and re-calibrate ourselves, because we never got such an open schedule and stillness in life before. This time is an opportunity to experiment and see what natural rhythm our bodies settle into. Due to recent rains and less traffic in Los Angeles, it’s been very quiet and we’re watching the sunsets more often than usual, basking in the sun and tending to the succulents in the garden. 

Kunal Thakur


Because of reduced shooting hours, I have all the time in the world; which means a lot of cooking, cleaning, laundry and working out (the last bit goes without saying though). All of this is very therapeutic, so everything is working out perfectly.

Mansha Pasha


I’m going to take dancing lessons on YouTube. In the meanwhile, I am cleaning up my closet and giving stuff away to the charity (after thoroughly washing them, of course).

Nimar Zar


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Quarantine got me like

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I’ve been practising a lot of music and managed to compose two new songs that would be coming out real soon. Besides that, I used this time as a tool to self-reflect which helped me channel my thoughts and hear myself for a change.

Omair Rana 

Actor/Theatre Director

Being an early riser, I have used this time to get some work done and some cooking (chicken karahi has also happened). Spending time with the family goes without saying; playing with my son outside, spring cleaning, video games, workout sessions, watching movies together and board games (ironically, one of the games we play is called “Pandemic”)

Rabab Hashim 

TV Actress

It’s the best time to get back to basics that we neglect because of our work routines. So, I have been doing a lot of reading, baking and spending time with family.

Rakae Jamil


I’ve developed a habit of spending time outside, clearing my mind and shutting off from the world (no phones, wifi etc). This way I’m able to connect with nature as well. I am also working on new musical ideas in the studio. Ali Hamza, Kami Paul and I are working on new compositions as well as Ali’s first solo album.

Saboor Aly 


I’m channelling my inner artist during quarantine and painting a lot lately. 

Shahbaz Shigri 


Between intense video gaming sessions, movie marathons and cat hugs; the one thing I get lost for hours doing is working on my comic book illustrations. Simply put, I draw. A lot.

Shehrazade Sheikh


My quarantine routine has made me go back to the basics. Doing all the cooking and cleaning myself. Being in touch with loved ones more than usual.

Turhan James


I’ve been making a lot of music and focusing on getting the music finished; now that I have a lot of time.

Umair Jaswal


Staying away from the breaking news and reconnecting with old friends, family and loved ones all over the world.

Yashma Gill

TV Actress

Trying to get active on my YouTube channel that has been neglected because of back-to-back shoots.

Zahid Ahmed

TV Actor

Fulfilling the Lord’s obligations while spending quality time with my family. 

Trying to climb the ladder of success with tiny legs. Oh, and my love for movies and music gets me money.

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