5 Skincare Dont’s

A good skincare routine doesn’t just help you get rid of skin problems, it also helps you look youthful and have glowing skin… if you follow it religiously, that is. Here are 5 skincare don’ts to help you eliminate some of your questions:

1) Don’t Pop Zits

It is really tempting to pop a zit, especially when it’s a big fat white head staring right at you. But please don’t. It’s a temporary fix and to be honest, not that great for the long run. Pimple popping leads to scabbing which in turn results in scarring. On top of all that, you may also be giving a way for germs to enter your skin.  

2) Don’t Share Your Products

Sharing skincare products is also a way to let more germs into your skin. Letting another person touch your jar of cream, or the dropper of your serum, screams GERMS and can lead to acne problems along with other skin disorders.

3) Don’t Use Too Much Moisturizer

Heavy creams can sit on the skin’s surface and clog your pores. Whereas, using easily absorbed creams and lotions helps your skin breath. Remember, it’s always quality over quantity.

4) Don’t Ignore Your Skin Type

Whether you have oily, sensitive or dry skin, tailor your routine to your skin’s needs and choose products specifically designed for your skin type. Trust us on this, you do NOT want to use products that aren’t made for your skin type!

5) Don’t Go Out Without Sunscreen

SPFs should not be an option, rather a priority to be worn daily for all skin types. Sunscreen helps fight against the damaging effects of the UVA and UVB rays avoiding premature skin aging and wrinkling along with skin cancer.

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