Is Everyone Hopping onto the Skincare Train Just Because It Sells?

With Brad Pitt being the latest celebrity to launch his skincare line, we would be lying if we say
we haven’t been wondering why skincare has become so popular. Is it because we have become
more aware and skin conscious with time? Or is it just easy money to make? Whatever it is, let’s
take a look at a few of the many celebrities who have their own skincare line!

Brad Pitt: Le Domaine

Vegan, gender neutral and suitable for all skin types is how Brad Pitt is promoting his skincare line. His products include a serum, a cream, a fluid cream and a cleansing emulsion, all of which are packaged in recyclable glass bottles and jars with reusable stoppers made of oak cut from scraps of vineyard’s wine barrels.

Hailey Bieber: Rhode

Hailey Bieber brought her childhood obsession to life by launching her skincare brand. Bieber felt the need for her own skincare brand when she started to notice the products other celebrity-owned brands had missing. Her products claim to be vegan, cruelty-free, gluten0free and fragrance-free. Another thing to note is its affordability with all products being under $30.

Ellen DeGeneres: Kind Science

Ellen DeGeneres launched her skincare brand in October 2021, taking three years to be up and running. Her skincare line focuses on age positivity, offering products that are kind to skin, animals, and the planet. Her products consist of a serum, cleanser, creams, micro exfoliant, and oil using light, easily-recyclable materials.

Scarlett Johansson: The Outset

Scarlett Johansson’s skincare brand is collectively the result of over five years of development. It follows Johansson’s own approach to beauty, promising to target dullness and dryness. It offers a total of six products which include a micellar-based cleanser, vegan collagen serum, squalene-infused daytime moisturizer, exfoliating polish, night cream and eye cream.


DJ Khaled’s skincare line is an offering of CBD-enhanced men’s grooming products. The collection consists of six, refreshingly tropical, spa-like products focusing on a natural approach to achieve healthy hair and skin.

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