Games To Keep You Occupied In Quarantine

You like playing games? So do we. It’s always good to play board games with your family, but, sometimes one can get tired of that. Since the game of life is paused, why not turn to other games. LibasNow brings you a list of free game apps that you can play to entertain yourself and gives you something to look forward to in these drab days. It’s okay if you don’t have a fancy gaming system, you can still manage to break out of quarantine blues with these fun game apps.

Ludo Star

Most of you have already played Ludo Star but for those who don’t get what all the hype is about, let us tell you, you’re really missing out. You’re not a true Pakistani if you haven’t had Ludo board game marathons at least once. Bless the one who made it into an app, just like the board game, Ludo Star strives to give you the same experience with its gameplay tables ranging from Classic to Team Ups. It also includes a loophole to undo your turn, but that comes with a price. You can join a random game, or you can create your own table and invite your friends to play with.

Quick Tip:

Do a group call with your friends while playing to double the fun.

Call of Duty

We all remember the Call of Duty we played on PlayStation years ago. It’s nostalgic with its similar features and graphics. The mobile version is more compact and includes more features and does not require any paid subscriptions. The game itself has endless multiplayer maps and features to choose from. The team death-match, in particular, is the most played feature. The smaller maps allow the use of ammunitions which is an ease for the players, and different loadouts allow players to have a variety of different guns to choose and play from according to the map. It is faster in terms of movement and graphics than other first-person shooting games.

Candy Crush

Of course, this highly addicting game had to make it to this list. If you haven’t played it already, believe us when we say you are going to get hooked. It’s a match-three game where you make a row or column of three or more matching candies by swapping them. The game comprises of many levels with each bringing a new challenge. We’re telling you, this one’s a keeper.


Whether you prefer playing with friends or by yourself , Fortnite is made for all. It offers different game modes which include solos, in which the player gets to play as a team of one, duos are for two players, and squads allows four people to play together. If you wish to fight along other players but, you’re a loner and don’t have any friends online, you can automatically be paired randomly with other people playing the game.

Mario Kart Tour

Good news for Mario Kart’s die-hard fans, it now comes in a mobile app version which can be played with friends remotely and is still very much fun. The game app requires you to create a Nintendo account first. You have to clear the first level in order to be able to play with your friends by tapping the “Friends” icon in the menu and challenge them for a match.


Psych is another trivia fun game to play with your friends on your phone. Each player creates fake answers to different trivia questions; one can earn points by guessing the correct answer among the false ones. One who creates answers will earn points for each player they “Psych” into choosing your fake answers. To play with your friends, tap on “Start a Game” and share the game code so they can join the game.

Scrabble Go

We’ve been playing scrabble board game since the beginning of the time because it’s the best word game ever, no matter how much they say it’s nerdy and an old people’s game. Lucky for us, now it comes in a mobile app version. Despite many scrabble app knock-offs being present, Scrabble Go offers a much closer experience to the classic board game. You can challenge your friends for a match by adding them through your contacts or by signing up with your Facebook account.


This colourful app gives the experience of this classic card game and the good news is that there are multiple variations to it. You can also play this with your friends. All you need to do is to tap on the “Invite Friends” button and send invite links to your peers. This games also lets you speak to each other while you play with its talk function.

Need for Speed: No Limits

Get ready for nostalgia to hit you hard. In case you were living under a rock, we would like to enlighten you about the mobile app version of the all-time favourite car racing game, yes! you guessed it right, it’s Need for Speed. The game was lauded for its appealing visuals, user-friendly controls and gameplay. The game heavily focuses on street racing, it includes races like “Campaign Races”, which is the story mode of the game, “Car Series Races”, where only certain cars can participate to win rewards, and ghost “Rival Races” which are multiplayer races.

Quiz Up

As they say it themselves, it really is the biggest trivia game in the world. Test your trivia knowledge with this award-winning multiplayer game where you can challenge your friend or get paired randomly. There are six rounds and on bonus round in which a player is asked questions which they have to answer in 10 seconds and are rewarded accordingly.


Crossing 600 million downloads, Players Unknown Battleground or better known as PUBG is reminiscent of old multiplayer games such as the Medal of Honor series and has taken the world by storm. PUBG brings all the excitement of “Gaming Cafe” to your phone with its realistic graphics and settings making it stand out among other battle royale games. It includes a variety of modes, ranging from war, quick play, classic, DTM and hardcore. Every mode has a different style, and players have to adapt it accordingly to survive. PUBG, too can be played with your friends remotely.

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