The Sun Also Rises Resort ‘20 Editorial Shoot

It has been more than a week for us in self isolation and with a global lockdown imposed, life is pretty much at a standstill. While we sit at home in the same pjs for a week, feeling bloated from all the stress eating and edging towards the brink of insanity, the only way to get out of a funk is to visualize an ideal future – aka holidaying in a seven-star resort, sunbathing on the poolside, sipping on Piña-coladas.

Libas Now welcomes you to a dream holiday in your fashionable best. Our Resort ‘20 editorial shoot is just the visuals you need to be on a stylish and stress-free virtual vacation. The world may be seeing dark days but we have to remember that The Sun Also Rises and everything will be bright and beachy once again.

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An introvert pretending to be an extrovert and failing miserably.

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